All you need to know about smart pet doors

Pet door has become a necessity for the pet. Gone are the days when pet used to stay here and there in the house. They too need a proper place that should be secured and comfortable. Here are some of the details about a smart pet door that one needs to know before buying one for his or her pet.

Pet door with a key fob:

Pet doors are installed for the comfort and security of the pets. If a pet door is allowing the entry of other animals too on it, then it is not safe for the pet. Therefore the first quality that a smart pet door should have is the key fobs. The pet door with a key fob allows only the pet to enter into the door and prevent the entry of other animals and unwanted things. As the name suggests, this work as a personal key. It is attached to the neck of the pet. As the pet goes near the door the sensor works and opens the door for the pet, just in the way a key does.

Access from a microchip:

The second thing that one smart pet door may have is the access from microchip. This is actually an alternative for the key fob. The pet door can be accessed from more than one microchip if a person has more than one pet.

Pet door with timer:

Most of us do not have the time for our pet, but we do not want to hamper their comfort. We do not want it to go outside in our absence. In such cases, one can go for a pet door that has a timer setup. These types of pet doors have a timer in which you can fix an in and out time for your pet. These pet doors will lock your pet for a certain period of time and then will open the door accordingly. This would act as a good security step. These types of pet doors are useful in the case when the pet has a certain time for resting. This won’t allow any other animal to enter into the door. So, your pet will be safe even in your absence. Moreover, these pet doors have their own drawbacks also. If you have set the timer at a certain time and you need to bring your pet out for some reason, then there are chances that the door did not open. Therefore, one needs to check this feature carefully before buying a smart pet door. These doors are best if one wants to lock his or her pet in the night. One can set the timer accordingly and then won’t need to wake up early to get the pet out. 

Operation from the app:

Apart from all these facilities a smart pet door now can be monitored from an app on a mobile phone. Many companies sell pet doors that could be operated from the phone. This is bliss for those who cannot devote much time to their pet and still want everything best for it.

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