The Main Problem I Encountered with My English Mastiff

Your English Mastiff is a great breed of dog to have. However, you can encounter several problems while handling your English Mastiff. I know that I encountered several problems while handling mine. Here is the main problem that I encountered with my English Mastiff. Now I know that you can have a quite a few problems with your English Mastiff such as: stubborn, not listening, doing his own thing, aggressiveness, biting, snoring, and chewing up things, separation anxiety, and many other problems. I have dealt with all of these problems in some form or another with my English Mastiff. The main problem though to handle was his stubbornness.
Now handling my stubborn English Mastiff was one of the most difficult things that I did. I know that with my English Mastiff I would tell him to go somewhere away from where I was and he would do the exact opposite of what I wanted. For instance he would be lying near the table and I would tell him to move away from the table during dinner time and instead he would sit up and put his head on the table.

Changing his stubborn behavior was very difficult to accomplish. However, I did manage to change the behavior with a variety of things to do. The first that I had to do was find a properly fitting collar. Finding the properly sized collar for a large breed dog that is continuously going to grow for almost two years can be hard and expensive. So I had to purchase him a pinch collar that I could add extra links into so that I could easily expand the collar. The new collar helped break his stubborn habits somewhat because the new collar would pinch the back of his neck just like his mother would to correct him.

The other way that I managed to almost totally break my English Mastiffs stubborn behavior was with obedience training. The obedience training course will help out tremendously when you are trying to break any habits that your English Mastiff can get into. I know that is what really helped break my English Mastiffs bad stubborn habit. He now listens better than he did before and he will even move away from the table when I tell him to instead of putting his head on it.

Your English Mastiff can have numerous behavior problems that you might not want to encounter, but they can all be changed. I know that my dog has had almost all of the habits that I listed above, but once I got him to recognize me as the leader and he is not he started behaving better than before. The one key thing though is that you have to constantly reinforce the new behavior that you want otherwise he could relapse into the bad behavior.

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